My Work

When I first left school, I went to Hull College where I started doing a BTEC in Computing where in the second year, I would advance to doing a Networking course. A few months in they decided they weren’t going to run the course. Because of this, I decided to leave and look for a job. A couple weeks later I was offered a job at Solwise. I accepted.

I started at Solwise on 12th January 2012. I first worked down in dispatch for the first week as they were very busy with Christmas and all. Then, I began my work in technical support and got to know their products. The products which they sold was mainly that HomePlug technology and other business networking devices.

When I was happy working with and repairing these devices, I progressed on to phone, email and face to face support with their customers where I learnt a lot and became more confident when dealing with others. While doing this, to better keep track of the RMA and customer support details, I created a system in python to store all of this information. This then evolved in to a Microsoft Access Database driven program.

My employer, after noticing my interest in programming and database driven applications, asked me to speak to their in house programmer where he tried to involve me in some of the tasks which he did on a daily basis. I then developed my interest in Visual Basic and, after overseeing the design and implementation of several new systems, working with Linux.

In September, I left Solwise to study at Wyke Sixth Form College. To read more about this, view the Education page

English Hosting

While at College, I started English Hosting which allowed me to offer custom hosting solutions for myself and others. As it started to get bigger, I invited a friend to join me while at college. During the second year, we rented a VPS where I set up a CPanel installation where some of our customers moved over to. I then managed to get the College to use us as the hosting solution for the PHP Unit of the course. Unfortunately, the server host became incredibly unreliable and as a result, we where unable to continue hosting with them.


While waiting for my Acceptance letter for my University Application, I started working for KCOM with VP as a Customer Service Assistant in their Contact Centre. While there, took over the phone sales, helped customers resolve their problems and helped with any other enquiries.