My Education

I have been in education for pretty much all of my life and will continue to do so until my mid 20’s. I, unlike many of the people my age, enjoyed my time in education and still do. If you would like to find out more about my education so far and about the future education I wish to have then you have come to the right place. All you have to do is read more below


I have just started my first year at the The University of Birmingham (MEng Computer Science and Software Engineering (with an Industrial Year) ) which was the university I put as my first choice so I am super excited to get in. While at university, I have met lots of people and plan to meet even more along with making plenty of friends!. I have also secured a job working at the University as a IT Service Desk Analyst – Find out more here. While here, I have also been re-officially diagnosed as been Dyslexic. This should hopefully mean that I am able to get any additional support needed to get the most out of my lectures!

Semester 1

During my first Semester, I have studied the following modules which I am really enjoying:

  • •Foundations of Computer Science: This is the module which I am finding most difficult. In this module, we are covering the foundations of CS and learning OCaml. I am finding this challenging because there aren’t many online resources because its such an old language! Grade wise, I am currently achieving around the 85% mark.
  • •Software Workshop 1: In this module we are going through the basics of Java. This is one of the modules I rather enjoy as I really love programming and I think Java is quite a nice language. For this I am hovering around the 95% mark for the grade.
  • •Language and Logic: This is another module that I find challenging but also very interesting. In this module, we learn about things such as Logic, Grammar, Truth tables and Proofs. The grades I have been achieving for this is around the 90% mark.
  • •Artificial Intelligence: This is yet another very interesting module I have to cover. So far, we haven’t had any assessments so I’m not that sure on my grade/understanding.
  • •Intro to Mathematics: Maths is fun, lectures are a tad boring and as of yet, I haven’t received any grades back yet!


I have just finished studying at Wyke Sixth Form College where I was studying a Level 3 BTEC in Computing. Finishing my final year, I was able to achieve D*D*D* (Full marks in every unit) which should hopefully allow me to get in to the university I wish to study at.

When it came to applying for university, I found it very difficult to know which would be best. In the end, I ended up applying for the following 5 Unis – The University of Birmingham (MEng Computer Science and Software Engineering (with an Industrial Year) ), University of Hull(Computer Software Development), Lancaster University(Computer Science (with Industrial Experience))University of Leicester(Computer Science)University of Lincoln(Computer Science). After applying for all of these, I was thankfully received offers from all of the. After been extremely impressed with Birmingham and falling in love with the University, I set that as my Firm option. I also really liked Lincoln so I mad that my insurance.  I was however extremely unimpressed by Hull so I quickly declined that and the other two universities.


When I went to Wolfreton, it was there where I started to make more friends and here where I first started to learn bout computers. It was quite a good start too if you ask me! After a couple of years, it was time to choose my options before taking them for GCSE’s. I chose to take up Graphics, DIDA (Computing) and triple science. When left, I did so with the following grades. Think of them what you will.






DIDA Pass GCSE Biology B
GCSE English Literature B GCSE Chemistry B
GCSE English Language B GCSE RE C
GCSE Maths Statistics B GCSE Graphics D
GCSE Maths B GCSE French D


The first school I went to was a school called St Andrews. I was there while I was told I was dyslexic. Because of this, I did not get ANY support and was unable to progress much. I remember getting told that if I didn’t understand something then I don’t do it. As you can tell, this did not get me very far. Before I went in to year 5, I moved to a better school called Springhead. This was where my sister use to work in special needs (which was the reason for moving).

While at springhead, because of my time at my previous school, I was told that I would fail at everything I did in life. I feel this is the reason I am who I am today. I can say now that I or my family was not impressed by them words but can you really blame them? At this point in time, I didn’t even know the alphabet or for that matter, the months of the year! When in year 6, I did my SATs where I did quite well. It was then time to go to Wolfreton.