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Windows 10

Windows 10 is finally out and after using it a fair bit,  I can safely say I am quite happy with it. Far better then the windows 8 launch. Over the next week it will have some fairly heavy use coming it’s way along with a fair few tutorials. Good luck Windows!

The Exam Period

As the academic year approaces its end, the exam period starts. I have the joy of setting 5 Exams, 4 of which are 1.5 hrs long +10% extra time and the final one will be about 3.5 hrs long inc extra time. Lots of time to set in a class room writing about computeryshiz. Joy!!

Midnight Reading…

Reading ‘Artificial Intelligence, A Modern Approach’ for my CompSci course, how fun! Its going to be a long night…

Moving in…

Just finished moving into the new flat in Birmingham. Looking forward to see how everything works out. Hope my flat mates are nice and I meet lots of other nice people!

A Cool URL Shortener

I have finally put to good use. Make sure to check out the new WPI URL Shortener to get your own short url. Shorten a url to as short as 10 characters, just like this:

Wilson18 Live

As of about 2 weeks ago, is live! Make sure to check it out for loads of new tutorials and to learn lots of new things! Any feedback is welcome and would love to find new people to help create content!