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November is finally over

So last month I was doing the no shave November as it seemed like a good idea at the time. Now that December has come, I am almost tempted to keep it – at least till I get back home for christmas… Seems to have grown somewhat well and I am also in desperate need

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New Computer Setup

As I turned 21 this year, I decided to buy a new monitor stand to help increase productivity and to free up some of the space on my desk. The stand I decided to go for was the Lavolta Monitor Stand Arm Pole for 3x Monitor – was pretty easy to setup and makes my desk look

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Design work

So, it’s my nieces and nephews presentation night coming up soon so I have been asked to create the tickets for the event. Here is what I came up with – quite like it. What do you think?  

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When life gives you Lemons, make Lemonade!

Or, if your like me, you spice it up with a healthy serving of port! So refreshing. If your interested in making one yourself, grab a lemon, 500ml of water,  4tbsp of sugar and a healthy dash of port if you are feeling adventurous. Blitz it all together and serve with ice!

Some of my Favourite Films

Okay, so I have just finished watching Ex Machina which has just made its way into my list of favourite films so I thought I would list a few here – in no particular order!

Some facts about me

Here are some facts about me which I would say are unusual for somebody of my age: I shave with a cut throat razor I enjoy raw/live honey I listen to classical music I buy way to much from amazon! more inc


Can’t belive that in 20 minutes I will be 20! How crazy is that?

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Thought it was about time I got some refreshments for my flat… May not be the most masculine but they taste good! 🙂

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New Shoes!!!

Just got some new shoes. Hopefully these will last a little bit longer than the last! What do you think?  

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