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Drawing on the Note 7 with Artecture (with a chance of explosion)

Okay so I have had my Note 7 for a while now and despite the warnings from Samsung regarding the exploding battery to stop using it and return it, I have started to get into drawing. Anybody who knows me will know I have an obsession with toothless from How to Train Your Dragon and have even named one of my servers after him (Nightfury). So, naturally, my first picture was that of baby toothless. I found a pretty cool app called Artecture  for Android which gives you a nice selection of tools, including a few useful features such as layers and tracing.

So, before I start showing you my work, I better tell you just how poor I am at art: Very is the answer. With this in mind, I decided to start off with some tracing. The image I had my mind on drawing was this picture of toothless. I loaded this into Artecture and began to trace. After about 10 minutes, I had this picture.

Tracing Toothless in Artecture

I was pretty happy with this and decided to continue and colour this in. I added in an extra layer and went to town. When tracing, there  is a feature which will automatically select the colour of the picture you are drawing so everything should be the correct colour (ish). I eventually got to this stage and again, I was surprisingly happy with it. Its not the best thing but given how this is my first experience drawing in many years and it was on a phone, I was super impressed.

Coloured version of Toothless after tracing in Artecture

I sent it off to a couple friends who also liked it but as it was traced, I felt like I was cheating (and so did another friend, that bitch! J ). So at around 4am, I started again but this time on paper, totally from scratch. About half way through, my PC has a meltdown but hey, that’s a story for another time.  After drawing the outline, I get to this stage.

Photo of hand drawn toothless picture

I was planning on keeping it like this but I thought I would give it ago shading in. After an hour or so, around 7am, I went to sleep thinking I was finished. Here is the finished hand drawn image.

Taken by Note 7 Camera

Taken by Note 7 Camera

Scanned Photo of shaded toothless drawing

Scanned Photo

After waking up a couple hours later, I decide to scan the image in and have another go on the phone. I added a fair number of layers so I could make sure that the ordering was preserved and that things like the eyes would appear above everything else.  Below you will see the version in Artecture and then the final outputted version. I will probably continue to add to this but as of now, this is the final version.

In Artecture

In Artecture



So here is my conclusion: When not exploding, the Note 7 makes a great tool for drawing, especially when there are fantastic apps out there like Artecture (even if some of it was done on paper, shh). Drawing in general is a great way to pass the time (even though I should have been working) and even someone as terrible at drawing like myself can draw something half decent with the help of technology! So if you have a note and aren’t worried about it exploding (or you are sensible and have a new version) and would like to draw, give it ago and let me know what you create! If you like the picture then please feel free to share it around and let me know what you think in the comments!

Gaming Update – New YouTube Channel – The Crappy Gaming Channel

Like many other people my age, I enjoy playing the odd game but unlike many fellow CS students, I don’t like spending a large portion of my game playing them. I also have a very particular taste when it comes to games so the list of games I play is rather limited. Here are just a few of them which I enjoy playing

  • All blizzard games
  • Tomb Raider
  •  First 3 Assassins Creed Games
  • Minecraft

Blizzard Games

I have and always will have a soft spot for blizzard games. The very first game I remember properly playing was Warcraft: Reign of Chaos and Warcraft: The Frozen Throne and from that, I really got into World of Warcraft (towards the end of Burning Crusade). Through my teenage years, I played it rather religiously (racking up almost a year of play time!) but since college, my time playing has reduced significantly. At the time of writing this post, the new WOW Expansion has been released and I am trying to play it somewhat regularly as I am really enjoying it. As the start of term approaches, I doubt I will be able to spend as much time in game.

Another Blizzard game I am really enjoying a the moment is Overwatch. As with many other games, I do rather suck but it is still great fun. The characters I play tend to be as follows (Ordered via popularity)

  1. Roadhog
  2. Tracer
  3. D.Va
  4. Junkrat

Streaming – The Crappy Gaming Channel

As many of the readers of this page will know, I have a couple of rather small YouTube channels – What can I say, I like to help people on the internet. Given that I do still enjoy playing, I thought It was a good idea to setup a new channel for streaming the games I play. Here I introduce The Crappy Gaming Channel. This channel is I mainly use for live streaming games (Like wow and overwatch) but will also use for some game series that I have planned. The channel is also shared by the other people in my house as we always play together so it should make it more fun for people to watch: who wouldn’t like to watch people fail at playing games?

So yeah that’s it really for this post. If you are as much of a Blizzard fan boy/girl as me then I would love to know about it in the comments! If you have any suggestions for the new channel then let me know! 😀