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Some of my Favourite Films

Okay, so I have just finished watching Ex Machina which has just made its way into my list of favourite films so I thought I would list a few here – in no particular order!


Some facts about me

Here are some facts about me which I would say are unusual for somebody of my age:

  1. I shave with a cut throat razor
  2. I enjoy raw/live honey
  3. I listen to classical music
  4. I buy way to much from amazon!
  5. more inc

The Exam Period

As the academic year approaces its end, the exam period starts. I have the joy of setting 5 Exams, 4 of which are 1.5 hrs long +10% extra time and the final one will be about 3.5 hrs long inc extra time. Lots of time to set in a class room writing about computeryshiz. Joy!!