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New Shoes!!!

Just got some new shoes. Hopefully these will last a little bit longer than the last! What do you think?




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YouTube Video Suggestions?

You guys got any suggestions for new YouTube tutorials to post? Let me know!!

Weekend at Home

Just spent the weekend at home with my family and had a great time. As soon as I arrived, I was greated by my Harvey! After the best nights sleep I have had in a month, I spent the morning in town with my mum. I then spent the night at Hull Fair with two of my Sisters and my  (1x)Niece and Nephew where I had a great time. On the final day, I went to a park with Becky, Jess and Jim again.


Such a great weekend!




Just been doing one of our FoCS Assignments and in it, we have to create a set of rules for a rewrite system for a game involving Llamas. After this, non of us can even stand to hear the word llama anymore. Death to all llamas!

Why not ask Google?

Its amazing how many people studying computer science I have met who dont know how to use Google?

Really annoying questions in a Java Test

Ok so I have just completed by first java test and there are some really frustrating questions on here.


Consider the following:

int x = 76543;

int y = (“” + x).length();


What is the value of y?

The int class doesnt have a length() method.


What is the value of 10/3 ?

The answer depends on what data type you are using. As an int, it would be 3. As a float, it would be 3.33333. These questions need to be more specific! 🙂


Midnight Reading…

Reading ‘Artificial Intelligence, A Modern Approach’ for my CompSci course, how fun! Its going to be a long night…