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Forum Update

So its Sunday, the sun is shining (kind of) and I am sat in my room, with Harvey, working on the forum. I’m just porting some of the old tutorials over to it and its all starting to take shape. I’m using IPboard and although I have no experience with it, I am really starting to like it. Here are some snaps of it.


Going Dedicated

Over the past few years, I have experienced many VPS providers, all but one of which were terrible. Rackspace where by far the best provider I have used and they provide amazing customer service and support. Unfortunately though, they are expensive (for a student anyway –  you get what you pay for).   As I like to tinker, having a vps was great and is far better for me then a simple shared hosting provider. With the providers I have used been so shit, I have decided to go ahead and rent a couple of dedicated servers to see how they work out to be. Over the next few weeks, more and more will be moving over to them so lets hope they perform much better than my previous solutions.



Starting the Forum

As CaZDev is no more, I have decided to move my Tutorials and Videos back to Wilson18. I will be setting up a Forum where I can show my tutorials and where people can ask questions. More information will be available at a later date.

Back to WordPress

After leaving my old site without any updates for a while, I have decided its about time I  went back to wordpress, so here we are! You should be able to see most of the same information but it should just look a little bit better. I can also use this as a blog so woop.